The following is salvaged information from Warhammer Fantasy.

OBSCURAS - Master of Darkness, Lord of the Shadows


Obscuras is the half-brother of Alluminas. Originally allied to
law, he became jealous of Alluminas' wondrous light and claimed the
realm of darkness for himself.
When dedicated Obscuras cultists die, their shadow becomes fixed as
it was at the moment of death, leaves their body and heads straight
for Obscuras' shadow realm - a place of total blackness, but where
those blessed to come can 'see' perfectly.


Obscuras appears as a tall, dark haired man clad in black, who
somehow seems to "radiate" darkness, and also takes the form of a
bat. His followers wear black in rituals and his symbol is an
eclipsed Morrslieb.


Chaotic; can tolerate Evil (presumably not required).

Areas of Worship

Obscuras has secret cults throughout the old world, and rituals
always take place in near or total darkness. He is followed by those
necromancers who do not follow Khaine, and with others who work
mainly in the shadows (eg. footpads). Dedicated cultists are
admitted to the "brotherhood of the shadow" which shelters and works
with fellow cultists travelling from other areas.


Being outlawed, Obscuras has no formal temples. His worshippers
operate temporary shrines that can be quickly dismantled in an

Friends and Enemies

Obscuras severely dislikes the gods of law, but reserves the
majority of his hatred for Alluminas. He maintains friendly
relations with the Horned Rat and tends to ignore all other gods
(including the other chaos gods) unless some scheme of theirs piques
his interest.

Holy Days

Holy days of Obscuras are generally when Morrslieb is new, as well
as any and all times when an eclipse of the sun or either moon
occurs. Another day held sacred is the winter solstice, when the Old
World day is at its' shortest.

Cult Requirements

Obscuras welcomes all who wish to turn to the shadow.


- Hunt down and destroy all followers of law, and especially of
- Never kill a creature of darkness (eg. a bat) unless in self
- Sympathise with the Skaven and their aims.
- Extinguish the lights that burn in the temples of Ulric whenever
- Extinguish all lights unless this would make the cultist unable to

Spell Use

Obscuras grants all petty, illusion and battle spells (except those
that produce light), as well as allowing Necromancers who turn to him
to keep and expand on their necromantic abilities. In particular,
the level 4 spell "Illusion of Darkness" may be learned and used from
level one onwards and the following special spells are available:

Night Sight

Petty, 2 MP, personal range, effects last until next sunrise
This spell grants to the character the ability to see in the dark
without light, as for Night Vision, for the period of effect.

Extinguish Light

Level 1, 3 MP, 12 yds. range, effects last until light is relit
This spell will extinguish a single light source within 12 yds. of
the caster, which will flicker a moment before being put out. Non-
magical lights are extinguished automatically, but magical lights
require a WP test to be made. Note that magical lights do NOT
include normal lights started by magical means.

Manipulate Shadow (based on a spell written by Paul Keenan)

Level 1, 2 MP, range: touch (or self), lasts until the next sunrise
This has the effect of changing the shadow of the victim (who gets
a WP save only if they notice being touched - an I test) into that of
another humanoid creature of similar size (caster's whim). This may
not seem particulary devastating, but to a suspiscious person /
persons, it could have the effect of making them think the person is
something else in disguise! (eg, a human with an ork shadow or a
Chaos Warrior's shadow or a Daemonette's shadow!). The caster may
even wish to make the victim have no shadow at all!
To work, the spell requires something from the victim's body (hair,
etc) and something from the body of the creature whose shadow the
caster will imitate.

Cloak of Darkness

Level 2, 8 MP, personal range, 1D6x10 turns duration
This spell will work only during the hours of darkness (in the
open) or in darkened areas, and cloaks the caster in an obscuring
gloom. The caster sees normally out of the cloak, but viewers have
difficulty looking into it. If confers a + or - 20 modifier to all
hide, etc. tests in favour of the caster.

Shadow Bolt

Level 2, 6 MP, 48 yds range, instantaneous
This spell is Obscuras' answer to the fireball and Alluminas'
LightBall. It allows the caster to throw the ShadowBolt, a razor-
sharp bolt of dark energy, at a target within 48 yds. The ShadowBolt
always hits and counts as a magical missile, causing D10 damage at a
strength of 6. Non-magical armour is ignored.

Summon Shadow

Level 3, 14 MP, personal range, 1+ hours duration
This spell summons a shadow from Obscuras' shadow realm to appear
within 6 yds. of the caster, who must control the shadow (WP test,
additional MPs may be spent to aid the test) if it is not to
disappear again immediately. If controlled, it will obey the caster
for the spells duration befre returning to the shadow realm. The
shadow is subject to instablility and has the same abilities and
restrictions as a ghost with regard to physical objects. As such,
they are usually used for scouting duties and such, reporting their
findings back to the caster.


One of the Night Vision and Astronomy skills may be bought at each


Protect a group of creatures of darkness (eg. prevent a rural
community from harming or moving some bats in a temple roof), destroy
a local cult of Alluminas, extinguish the light in the temple of the
White Wolf in Middenheim, etc


Night Vision and Astronomy are favoured skills and favoured tests
include all hide, shadow, etc. tests in darkness or semi-darkness.
Obscuras may also confer the magical disability Nocturnal Lifestyle,
and a one-shot use of the "Illusion of Darkness" spell is also
relatively common.


M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
6 90 - 6 7 50 80 6 - 80 80 80 80 -

Also known as 'shadow demons', that name is quite accurate.
Shadowphytes are demons of Obscuras with most of the normal demonic
abilities, and the most dedicated of Obscuras' cultists hope to join
the ranks of the Shadowphytes upon their deaths. Shadowphytes appear
as black shadowy humanoids whose features are only barely visible
through the inner darkness they radiate. They cannot fly but possess
the ability to melt into the shadows in one place and reappear in the
shadows somewhere else within their line of sight.

They cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons, but suffer a loss of
half their characteristics when not shrouded in full or semi-
darkness. They are utterly destroyed if hit by Alluminas' pure light
and Alluminas' LightBall and Hand of Light spells cause double damage
to a ShadowPhyte. They can cause no physical wounding, but cause
damage through their touch, which has the same strength robbing
property as that of a wraith, and Shadowphytes can throw up to one
ShadowBolt per round without need to formally cast the spell. Any
character slain by a Shadowphyte is condemned to eternal torment in
Obscuras' shadow realm, where his shadow will leave his body for

Shadowphytes are immune to all psycholgy except that caused by a
god, but are subject to instability when not shrouded in full or
semi-darkness. Shadowphytes cause terror in creatures in creatures
under 10 feet tall.